Sometimes we need the truth

Nov 21, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past, Kingdom Uncaged

My friend Jeanette Morris sent this to me last week, with some trepidation. She worried it would be too scary or harsh.

But I loved the Fourfold Franciscan Blessing by Sister Ruth Fox. Jeanette said her pastor prayed it over the church as they left. It’s hard, but good. Difficult, but beautiful. An oxymoron.

And yet, isn’t it true that when we’re uncomfortable, we reach more for God and do more for Him? When things aren’t right, we work to make them so. When life gets hard, we find empathy we didn’t know we had.

So instead of looking at your current circumstances as unwieldy and icky, see them as opportunities for God’s new blessings. You will grow through this. You will change through this. The world will be blessed through you in this situation. And many will see Jesus and His light through you.

Reorient your heart toward that which helps. Thinking pessimistically about your circumstances doesn’t leave God room to work His redemptive plan. Look for the jewel through the mud. Its discovery will be all the more sweet.

Julia update: Some good days, some bad. No answers still. But our hearts are full and the whole family is together for Thanksgiving. That makes us all smile. Thank you for your prayers. We so appreciate them.