Smoking Car, Barfing Boy, Good God

Aug 4, 2005Family Uncaged

Our first few days of vacation have been eventful, to say the least. It started by a rousing round of carsickness by Aidan who threw up many, many times. Julia felt sick too. And during that entire time, our car smoked. (Not like an addicted smoker, but you get the picture). Turns out, by God’s grace, we figured out that the smoking was our EXHAUST which was leaking into the car on Aidan and Julia’s side. Thankfully, they are fine now. No more sickness.

We stayed in Dole, France, about three hours south of Paris for an entire day instead of just a morning as we waited for our car to get a new muffler. But, the joy in that is that it wasn’t terribly expensive and we had a terrific day with the kids biking around the town. I’ll attach pictures below.

Isn’t it amazing how big God is and how He takes care of us? He revealed the muffler problem (no noise) by happenstance, and He allowed for a memorable day in Dole. Thank You Jesus!