Slowing down, thank the Lord

Aug 15, 2009Find joy today

So it’s happening.

Not by osmosis, either.

I’m slowing down, deliberately.

I’m saying no.

This week wasn’t easy. I still have quite a bit on my plate before it gets cleared. So I’ve had to work long, long days trying to attack the to do list with gusto. And boy howdy, was I tired. The kind of tired that drops me to sleep in a moment. (For an insomniac like me, this is pure surprise.)

But I’m beginning to see light. I spent some time in the dirt today, uprooting and creating. It spurred a frenzy of new yard plans in my mind, plans I committed to paper once I came inside. I’m excited to see it transformed.

I’ll be honest. In the vigor of the week, I let the tasks overwhelm my attitude. At times, I felt like crying. But my dear family, and my husband who helps me grasp perspective, helped me through.

The light is beautiful tonight, a husky, waning sun that beautifies every branch in my garden. We ate from its bounty tonight, and for that I am thankful. I still find it miraculous that we can eat what we grow.

Tomorrow we will start a new page of life. Hubby will be teaching again. Alleluia! Our large church makes itself family-like and small by dividing into Life Groups (formerly known as ABFs, Adult Bible Fellowships). So he’ll be teaching a Life Group the following Sunday. I’m expectant and happy. We’ve been in this time of healing from our last ministry endeavor over two years now. In a way, I feel like it’s springtime for my soul.

So that’s my little update. Not fully free from overwork, but getting there, step by step. And along the journey, I smile and praise Jesus for bringing me thus far.