Sexually Abused? Marriage Can Be a Healing Place

Mar 6, 2014Not Marked

Here’s our testimony. This is the first time my husband Patrick and I have spoken publicly about this issue and our journey toward wholeness. I pray it blesses you.

I speak as an abuse survivor, as one who has had a hard time understanding sex as beautiful.

Patrick speaks as a spouse of a survivor, not having sexual abuse in his background, and what it feels like to be frustrated, bewildered and confused.

Together, we hope to share the beauty of redemption–for the sexually abused, for the spouse who walks alongside, and for the marriage as a whole.

DeMuth, Patrick & Mary 3/5/14 from Lake Pointe Church on Vimeo.

Patrick and I, although we have limited time, are putting our toe in the water, wondering if this kind of speaking will be a benefit to the body of Christ. If you or your church are interested in having us come speak, let me know in the comments section.

In the meantime, for those living in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we’ll have our first seminar in May. See below.


Honestly, I’m excited, yet nervous, about the next steps for us, but I’m also very grateful that we received positive feedback from our talk. Several people realized they needed help/intervention. And several spouses felt like they were no longer alone (they could relate to Patrick’s words.)

Would you pray for us as we venture forth in this territory? Thank you.