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saresourcesIf You’re a Sexual Abuse Victim:

Thank you for stopping by this resource page. If you’re a victim of sexual abuse, below are some resources that I’ve either used (and highly recommend), or have been recommended to me by fellow survivors whose opinions I trust.

NOT MARKED - SEXUAL ABUSE IMPACT QUIZ 3DYou might start by taking the Sexual Abuse Impact Quiz here to see how sexual abuse has affected you today. This is NOT a quiz to make you depressed. On the contrary, it’s a tool to help you see how far you’ve come, and a helpful indication of some of the areas you need healing. You can also take the results of this test to a counselor, your spouse, or a trusted friend.

If You Want to Help a Sexual Abuse Victim:

Because of the crazy-sad statistics out there about sexual abuse, nearly 100% of us know a sexual abuse victim and so desperately want to help him/her heal. The best thing you can do is become informed about sexual abuse’s effects. Consider looking over this Sexual Abuse Impact Quiz to see how sexual abuse informs your loved one’s choices today.

Sexual abuse victims need community to heal, and being a safe person allows for that community. Obviously, expressing unconditional love and creating a safe place within a relationship full of trust and trustworthiness provides a great foundation.

Beyond that, ask questions, but be sensitive to back off when you sense your loved one is shutting down. Reaffirm your love. Encourage counseling if he/she gets to a stuck place—and be willing to accompany your spouse if they ask. Praying for and with your spouse helps too. Being patient with their sexual fear, moving away from demanding, or taking their resistance personally, will help them find the space they need to heal.

If You Want to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Your Children:

I’ve written a comprehensive post about the why of sexual abuse and four ways to prevent that terrible crime in your home. Click here to read it.

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