I Scream at My Family

Sep 2, 2013Find joy today, Heal from the past


Before you get the wrong impression, I rarely scream AT them, venting my anger (although there were those times during the overwhelming toddler years…). I scream BECAUSE of them.

My family KNOWS that I am easily startled. Sometimes they forget this, and for no fault of their own, one of my kids will turn a corner, startle me, and I’ll commence screaming.

But sometimes they are jokesters and purposefully hide behind a door jamb, jump out, and receive my screaming as a Pavlovian reward.

I’ve been able to trace back being easily startled to a chaotic childhood, an unsafe neighborhood, and those awful boys who sexually abused me. In the worse possible way, they startled me, setting in motion a screaming response that I have yet to heal from.

Thankfully, we all laugh about my screaming at the DeMuth house. And I’m grateful that SO MUCH HEALING has happened in my life. Though it was scary (very much so), I wrote down my healing journey, titled it Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse, and started a crowdfunding campaign this last week to fund the project. I’m grateful to report that we’re 46% funded after only a few days.

That’s something to scream (in a positive way) about! Why? Because I believe this book will set people free. If you haven’t clicked on the indiegogo campaign, please do now. You’ll see a video halfway down the page where my husband Patrick (who likes to sneak up on me!!) shares his part of this project. You may be surprised at what he says.

Here’s the link. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/not-marked/