Saying no to say yes

Apr 9, 2010Find joy today

Today I had to write a hard post, detailing why I’m letting go of a great blog. Maybe you’ve been in that place where you’ve had to say no to something good in order to pursue something greater. That’s where I am. And I’m determined, by God’s grace, to walk in obedience. Which means I will disappoint folks. Say no to requests. Walk away from things that seem terrific.

Yet, as I teeter on the brink of burnout, I see some light, thankfully. Life’s coming into clearer focus. Family is beckoning. Sabbath is wooing. Life’s being lived. And I’m tired of having life just be work-work-work. It must be more.

I pray you’re finding places to live in life. To move away from chaos or expectations. To fully live in the moment. To engage with real people who stand in front of you (instead of represent themselves with cursor and font).

This revolution is small, taking in sips, but I feel the rejuvenation like spring sunshine on my face.