Riots and Demonstrations and a Car burning, oh my

Mar 29, 2006Family Uncaged

All is well in our little corner of Southern France. Although we were affected by the greve (strike), it was not inconvenient since we knew about it beforehand. Thankfully, Sophie’s bus was running and all three kids had school.

But a strange thing happened the night before last that may be connected. Police came to the parking lot in front of our house very late at night. Patrick tried to see what was going on, but couldn’t quite make it out. When he walked the kids to school yesterday, he saw the burned out shell of a car. So, we had some sort of car burning just meters from our house.

He said earlier that he saw a group of teenagers pushing a car when he returned from soccer practice. So, we’re guessing burning a dead car was their way of protesting the new French labor laws.

My friend Jen in Paris has seen many demonstrations on her street! They showed me pictures. Justin, her husband, said it was eerie seeing so many police decked out in riot gear.

The US government is urging Americans to avoid demonstrations (um, yeah!). But all in all, if you are traveling here in the next few weeks during this heightened state of protest, I really, really wouldn’t worry about it.

We feel safe and happy.