Writing reality = Marketing

Nov 15, 2011Work Uncaged, Write!

Here’s the reality writers live in these days: We have to market.

Whether we’re self published, epublished or traditionally published, we have to find ways to stand out among the masses. Here are 22 ways you can get started marketing, a freebie article by yours truly.

As you consider your next step as a writer (or anyone who wants to market anything), here are 14 questions you’ll find yourself asking:

  1. How do I find time to tweet?
  2. Why should I facebook or try using Google+?
  3. What is the appropriate balance between writing and promoting?
  4. What is the ROI (return on investment) in blogging?
  5. How does my blog help sell my books/products?
  6. How much do I need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  7. How do I build a tribe? Do I even want to?
  8. What makes an effective website? How much should I spend?
  9. In what ways should my marketing materials be professional looking?
  10. How do I balance promotion with resting in God’s sovereignty?
  11. When have I despised little things, wanting instant fame without work?
  12. When is a marketing strategy bordering on a scam? How do I know what to pour my money into?
  13. What sites/coaches offer true value?
  14. When is free good? When does it devalue my work?

You will get creative and tested answers for these and other questions at the ReWrite Conference in San Diego. Re:write will help you hone your craft, understand each publishing option, market it well, and make a living as a writer. If you’re interested, we’re offering a 10% discount until December 31st. Simply put MaryDeMuth in the discount code box.

I’m excited to be one of re:write’s speakers! I hope to see you there.


What questions do you grapple with in marketing? I’ll try to answer your questions if I can! (But remember, I’m a learner too!)