Bring Restory to Your Church!

Does your church body struggle with broken relationships? Have you been looking for a way to address this difficult issue with grace and hope?

Bring the Restory Conference to your church home!

The beauty of this conference is the effort and cost associated with most church-based conferences can be prohibitive. But we bring you a “conference in a box”–easy to implement and execute. You can even combine forces with several other local churches to bring this important issue to light and offer significant kingdom perspective and healing.

Here’s what you do:

  • You supply your own worship leaders who know your culture well.
  • You identify and empower 3-4 storytellers from your congregation who are willing to share a 15-minute testimony related to restorying relationships.
  • You provide a venue, along with all associated technical teams for the day of the event. (The event lasts 4.5 hours).
  • You promote the Restory Conference on all platforms.

Here’s what Mary DeMuth provides:

  • Mary teaches 3 sessions about restorying your relationships. Other than 2017’s conference, these messages are brand new.
  • After Mary’s speaker fee is met, we do a 50/50 revenue split of ticket sales.
  • Mary provides the ticketing platform.
  • Mary provides a slide deck, advertising, and social images with Restory branding.
  • Mary shares the event on all her platforms.
  • Mary shares all her processes to make the Restory Conference sing!

If this interests you or your church, please contact Mary’s assistant at