004–The Meissners

Feb 22, 2016Restory Show

I’m grateful to have my friends Bob and Sue Meissner with us on today’s Restory Show.

How Our Stories Intersected

I first met Sue years ago at a writers event. We both wrote for the same publishing house for awhile. She is an amazing (and I don’t say that lightly) novelist. Her latest book is Stars over Sunset Boulevard.

We became friends, and then I met her husband Bob, who, I realized, should be best friends with my husband. And as life goes, Patrick now flies to their city on business, and they take him out to dinner. Recently we all got together on one of Patrick’s business trips. Here we are. Please note the glory resting over their heads.


About the Meissner’s Story

Bob and Sue share a difficult story in this episode, from several years ago when Bob lost his job. He shares candidly how hard that was, and details the struggles he faced in the aftermath. Some of you reading this are walking through joblessness right now, so I pray this story will bring hope. It’s not full of cliche or happy-clappy answers (If you just trust God, everything will be roses and ponies). But it is honest.

In Their Own Words

“What I thought would be a nine-month exercise in patience turned out to be 18 months of patience–and feelings of despair at times.” Bob

“We call it the Dark Time now … It was not dark; it just felt dark.” Sue

“I felt like a loser, and I really got tired of telling the same story over and over and over again.” Bob

“Bob is still able to tell a joke; I’m able to laugh at it. So we’re going to be okay.” Sue

“At times I felt like God was against me. I know that’s not true according to Scripture, but that’s how it felt.” Bob

“This really did change my prayer life. It sent me to the Psalms. It revolutionized the way I approached God in prayer. I expressed my feelings.” Bob

“We had to rely on the generosity of others. I always wanted to be the giver. . .  I learned it was a pride issue.” Sue

Restory Recap

  • Joblessness is scary, and it eats at your confidence.
  • Our identity is tied to what we do, so it’s very challenging when you walk through a season of joblessness.
  • We are not all sufficient; there are things we cannot provide for ourselves.
  • Having the experience of joblessness can help you become empathetic toward others. At the moment it’s painful and full of anguish, but looking back, God uses that to prepare you to embrace others and walk alongside those who hurt.
  • We are resilient people, with God’s help.
  • Humor plays a huge role in our ability to overcome difficult circumstances.
  • Cliche doesn’t minister to people.

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As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

{Aside: As Bob said, he has a dry sense of humor, which is why he and Patrick are becoming friends.}

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The End

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  1. Julie

    All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Went through much of the same thing in the last four years. Unemployment was a mean dog nipping at our heels. I found myself nodding in agreement with the Meissners…I totally understand the feelings of despair and helplessness. LIke them, I found myself in the Psalms and the experience definitely changed my prayer life and my walk with the Lord. I would even venture to say that the whole awful experience was worth it just to learn of his faithfulness deep down in the nitty gritty of life.

    • Mary DeMuth

      Good words here, Julie. Thanks. I’m so glad you learned God’s faithfulness through the trials!

    • Susan Meissner

      So glad to hear these words of ours spoke to you, Julie. The nitty gritty is where so many pearls of wisdom can be found!