002–David Pothier


I’m grateful to have my friend David Pothier (pronounced “pwaah-tee-ay”) with us on today’s Restory Show.

How Our Stories Intersected

I first met David a few years ago when I was tasked with writing stories of church planters that our church had relationships with. I learned he was a French-Canandian planting a church in Montreal. We became friends over that brief interview–mainly because of his passion for church planting, and his easygoing sense of humor. In the years following my husband and I led teams to Montreal to visit the church David planted, La Chapelle.


About David’s Story

David Pothier has a passion for seeing the next generation of Canadians understand Jesus Christ. He loves his family deeply, and he pioneers an amazing work at La Chapelle alongside many other leaders. He didn’t always have the fire to start something like this. In fact, he was bullied in high school, and that experience shaped the way he would see ministry in the future. In this episode, you’ll uncover how David moved from bullied student to reluctant youth pastor to church planter.

In His Own Words

“If I had not followed Christ, I would be a selfish person–someone my wife wouldn’t even have liked.”

“In the greatest attack, you have the greatest victory.”

“Jesus completely rewrote my story. He changed my dreams. He changed my purposes. He changed my interests. He changed the way I think, speak, act. He rewrote everything.”

“His story will be better than the story you try to write yourself.”

Restory Recap

  • David always prays with his staff before they do anything for the week. It’s a great reminder for us to do the same.
  • Refuse to let discouragement get you down. Fight it. Praise God. Be thankful. Celebrate the fact you’re forgiven. Embrace optimism because of what Christ has done.
  • God can use those who were bullied to become empathetic ministers.
  • Become a person with words of life for others.
  • Surround yourself with people who choose to be different, who love to encourage.

As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

{Aside: David has a French Canadian accent. He’s not hard to understand, but I wanted to give you a heads up.}

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The End

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