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Sep 26, 2016Restory Show

You’re in for a great conversation between me and radio personality & novelist, Chris Fabry. We first met via the radio, as he’s interviewed me a few times for my books. We’ve become far-away friends since. Chris is a man of integrity, but he is not without trials and stresses.

In this episode, Chris will share a difficult story about his home. I don’t want to spoil it, but suffice to say, it’s a story of sickness, financial hardship, letting go, the love of a husband and wife, and what it takes to follow after Jesus down twisting roads. I pray this episode will truly inspire you as much as it inspired me.

In the episode, Chris talked about his novel June Bug. Here it is, if you’re interested. He wrote this book while he was in the midst of his family’s own hellish trial, and the lessons learned by the character in the book somewhat mirror his own.


I’m so grateful for Chris’ heart, his authenticity, and his ability to translate God’s comfort for us.

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  1. SeanaScott

    Mary, Thank you for talking to our DTS class today. I took copious notes and appreciate your encouragement and wisdom. Time is valuable. Thank you for investing in us. Blessings, Seana (www.seanascott.org)

    • Mary DeMuth

      Thanks Seana. It was so great to see you all!