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May 23, 2016Restory Show

Sarah Bessey flat out loves Jesus. And it’s that infectiousness that permeates today’s interview. She’s a mom, a wife, an author and a speaker. Her latest book, Out of Sorts, is on my to be read pile.

How Our Stories Intersected

Sarah and I first met online, but then we REALLY met on the soil of Haiti a few years ago during a blogger trip with Help One Now. There, our team mutually decided to help fund the building of a school. And it worked. I’m still really humbled by the whole experience.


About Sarah’s Story

Sarah met Jesus after her parents were radically saved (during her childhood). She grew up in the charismatic tradition, then moved to the South (She is from British Columbia) for college where she met her husband. At first she was dazzled by the churches in the US, but eventually her questions about how church worked caused her to question. Our interview is about her journey toward Jesus through the questions.

In Her Own Words

“Bless your heart, you were such a hot mess.” Sarah, referring back to her twenties.

“I had so many people who were giving me water in the desert.”

“We are always changing in response to that Unchanging Christ. If we ever stagnate, we are missing the point.”

“One of the things that surprises me the most is how I’ve come full circle–things like church community.”

“We have a profound sense of belovedness.”

Restory Recap

  • One day, in the midst of her struggling, she read the Gospels. She slammed the Bible shut, then said, “I could follow a Man like that,” referring to Jesus.
  • Her husband were in two different places in life in their faith journeys, but he didn’t pressure her.
  • She spent six years away from the church.
  • She is at home in her church, discovering how she belongs with Jesus.
  • Surround yourself with people who choose to be different, who love to encourage.

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As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

{Aside: To further explore our conversation, pick up Sarah’s latest book, Out of Sorts.}


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  1. Doris Swift

    Loved listening to this podcast. So cool how God put you both together. I appreciate Sarah’s honesty about stepping back from the “traditional” church for a time. We are the church anyway, and sometimes faith can get so convoluted by extra “stuff” thrown in the mix. Refreshing to reconnect personally with Jesus, and follow Him with faith like a child. We can’t be part of the body if our body part is out of whack lol! The discussion encouraged me to delve deep into the gospels once again. Her book sounds wonderful! Thanks, Mary & Sarah!

    • Mary DeMuth

      I agree. I love Sarah’s journey, and I’m grateful it encouraged you.