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Apr 25, 2016Restory Show

Ocieanna Fleiss is one of the most tender, sweet people I know on this earth. And she has a very surprising story.

How Our Stories Intersected

Ocieanna was in my novel mentoring class at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference a few years ago. She writes fiction, and now she has a new book out about the story she’ll be sharing with us. I’m so grateful God crossed our paths. This summer, we had breakfast together in Maple Valley, Washington, and spent our time sharing our stories. I left our time feeling lighter, as if I had a conversation with Jesus. She is just that sweet and amazing.


About Ocieanna’s Story

Ocieanna is a wife and mom who loves Jesus.

In Her Own Words

“On a quiet Saturday night while I watched television with my husband, my heart stopped beating. It took my husband’s CPR as well as a roomful of paramedics to bring me back.

What a journey! Talk about having to slow down. Once home, I napped four and five hours during the day, as well as getting a full night’s sleep. I could only be up for short periods at a time, and soon had to rest. No driving kids around. No homeschool. No chores. No work. Just quiet. Stillness. Peace.

And you’ll never believe what happened…I liked my life that way! I really got into the peace, quiet, and slower pace. I think I’ll always remember that period as one of the happiest in my life. Why? Because the rushing was gone. The stress disappeared. And the only thing left were those blessings I didn’t have time to enjoy before. How I reveled in my family during those days.

And I also clung to the love of my heavenly Father. It seemed each day I’d learn a new way that He loved me. A fresh insight would hit me and I’d almost laugh, giddy over the Lord’s kindness to teach me.” Excerpted from her website here.

Restory Recap

  • After her cardiac arrest, Ocieanna learned how to slow down and experience God in a less-stressed way.
  • God provided beautifully for her hospital stay.
  • They’ve learned a lot about provision through various job situations with her family. That has been a difficult lesson.
  • God opened the door for Love Like There’s No Tomorrow to be published.
  • God used the act of writing her story to heal her.
  • She emphasizes the love of God over and over again in her story.

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As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

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The End

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  1. Susan G.

    I have been so encouraged by each re-story I have listened to, but Ocieanna’s was by far the most amazing! I too have found that God is so awesome as He hears and answers our prayers! I was especially encouraged by Ocieanna’s answer to your question about her continued health challenges…not being able to do everything she wants to do. I took to heart her answer for us the listeners, with the same challenges, to ‘lean in to it and not to fight it or stress about it’ when we want to do something but can’t. That has given me a new outlook on how I think about the limited use of my hands and wrists right now. I am praying for totally healing, but I will, as I wait, praise God for what I can do, and give Him the Glory for it.
    So looking to read Ocieanna’s book too!
    Thanks for this Mary!
    May you be abundantly blessed!

    • Mary DeMuth

      I’m so grateful her story spoke to you, Susan. May the Lord bring healing to you, and also patience. 🙂