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Apr 4, 2016Restory Show

Heidi VanDyken loves Jesus. Of all the things I can say about her, this one stands out. She also follows Him to rough places, placing obedience higher than comfort. She is one of my heroes.

How Our Stories Intersected

I first met Heidi in college. She was on my wing, and we soon became friends, thus making her one of my longest standing friends on this earth. We are not alike, different in many ways, but one thing truly binds us together, and that’s our mutual love of Jesus. She is one of my favorite people, serving faithfully in Mexico at Casa Blanca Retreat Center alongside her husband Mike.


About Heidi’s Story

Heidi shares about her journey to Mexico from Idaho, and how she and Mike have learned hard lessons in being faithful and trusting God for provision, stamina, and joy. They have both learned the art and stress of serving others. They run a retreat center for teams coming to the Baja who minister and build things for the citizens of that area. They have a ministry of hospitality, but God has seen fit to add to their ministry in a surprising way.

This, along with the Meissners in week three, is one of my face-t0-face interviews.

In Her Own Words

“My job had brought me to the end of myself. God had placed believers in my life who showed me my need for a redeeming savior.”

“I did a 180. It was about making Jesus the Lord of my life.”

“God had put an unrest in our spirit about missions. We laid it all at His feet, and said OK God, we will go wherever You will send us.”

“When I get to the end of myself, God appears.”

Restory Recap

  • Heidi and Mike have left everything familiar to them in beautiful northern Idaho, to serve teams in Mexico.
  • Heidi met Jesus in a profound, deep way, and her life has never been the same.
  • The retreat center in Mexico needed someone to facilitate it. They prayed. They met with their church. And then they decided to do it.
  • It took a year and a half before their home sold.
  • “Come get me:” three words that changed their lives.

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As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

{Aside: This is a beautiful, amazing story. Please be praying for Mike and Heidi.}

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The End

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  1. Susan G.

    This was such an encouraging podcast! I loved hearing how God always takes care of us even when we sometimes can’t see it at first! Heidi’s story is so amazing and shows how God will use every person that says “here I am Lord, use me”.
    I love each podcast Mary, and have learned so much from each one. I’ve known the Lord for 50 years and He never ceases to surprise me! What an awesome God we serve.
    Well done!

    • Mary DeMuth

      I’m so grateful that Heidi’s heart has been seen by so many. She truly exemplifies a faithful follower of Christ.