Rest in God’s Wild Love & Win a Free Book!

Oct 21, 2013Find joy today


I give you permission to be blessedly ALL you. Not them. Not that person who has more success or that skinnier person who attracts more attention or that person who seems to have it all together or that fitness nut who exercises circles around you or that perfect parent with perfect kids.

Those “thems” don’t exist anyway. It’s all an illusion. We tend to compare the worst parts of ourselves with the perfect persona of others and then feel smaller and incapable of living the life we think we’re supposed to live.

Do you know this truth: Jesus is wild about you? Just where you sit RIGHT NOW. Yes, you. With your internal battles, your shortcomings, your battle with sin, your fears that keep you up at night, your broken relationships, your imperfect physique. He adores YOU.


Because He made you.

Like a child who adores his imperfect painting, so does our Father adore who He has made.

Everything else is just fluff. Please, please rest there, even if it’s a battle and a struggle to make yourself believe it. Rest, rest, rest. The God of the universe adores you, loves you, died for you, cheers for you.

{Yes, I wrote this for you, but I also wrote it for me. Feeling a bit insecure and small today. I pray it blesses.}

How you feel about yourself matters. And much of our insecurity comes from injuries others have inflicted on us. My gift to you today is FIVE copies of The Wall Around Your Heart. I have 5 advanced reader copies to send your way. I’ll randomly choose five from the comments on Wednesday October 23rd.

To be considered,go to this page and watch the video (scroll down a bit). In the comments, share a time when God used community to heal you of a relational pain. I look forward to your stories.