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Nov 12, 2011Archive

Today I’m thankful to have Barbara M. Orlowski talking about her book Spiritual Abuse Recovery: Dynamic Research on Finding a Place of Wholeness. For those of you who read the post about spiritual abuse and the accompanying post about what to do in its aftermath, this resource will be very helpful!

Barbara addresses the gap this book seeks to fulfill. Here’s her post:

Spiritual abuse, the misuse of spiritual authority to maltreat followers, in the Christian church, is a complex issue. This doctoral study focused on how people processed their grief after experiencing spiritual abuse in their local church and how they rediscovered spiritual harmony.

The topic of spiritual abuse has instant appeal to countless people since so many have experienced it. People have suffered a range of abuse under church leaders, which can be measured from mild to severe.
Every year dedicated Christian people leave churches because of spiritual abuse. What factors contribute to dedicated and active believers leaving their church and becoming exiting statistics? The stories of people who left their home church because of a negative and hurtful experience paint a picture of a widespread occurrence, which beckons consideration by church leaders and church congregants alike.

The purpose of this doctoral research was to understand how Christians had gone from a devastating experience at a local church setting to a condition of spiritual restoration. It aimed to demonstrate how people, who had experienced grief and loss in their Christian lives at the hands of church leaders, had over time regained spiritual equilibrium.

Dr. Barb Orlowski’s book can show those who have recently faced similar losses how they can grow through this devastating experience. They will be able to learn from the spiritual journey of those who have experienced wounding at the hands of church leaders.

Spiritual Abuse Recovery will inform church ministry leaders about the complex nature of this issue and provide insights how to help individuals who come to them for help.

This helpful resource will provide information and guidance for pastors, ministry leaders, denominational overseers, church consultants, seminary and Bible college professors, scholars, researchers, and congregants about spiritual abuse and how people can recover from it.

This book presents a thoughtful look at the topic of spiritual recovery from clergy abuse through the eyes of those who have experienced it and invites Christians to consider this very real dysfunction in the church today.
This book aims to demonstrate a path forward to greater freedom in Christ after a season of disillusionment with harmful church leadership.

People interested in a copy of Spiritual Abuse Recovery can follow these easy steps:
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Dr. Barb Orlowski