Regret at ACFW: Mindlessness

Sep 30, 2011Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged, Work Uncaged, Write!

I had a good time at ACFW, the American Christian Fiction Writers conference, this last weekend. If you’re a novel writer, this is a terrific place to hone your craft, meet other crazies like yourself, and network with industry professionals. While I experienced all three of those aspects, one thing lacked, something I realized (sadly) in retrospect.

I didn’t pray for a soul.

I wasn’t mindful of others’ needs. So enchanted was I in meeting people and hanging out with wildly funny and sweet friends that I neglected to keep my mindfulness alert. I’m sure there were needs all around me. Folks feeling overlooked. Lonely, scared people. Others on the fringes.

And I walked on by.

Lord Jesus, forgive me for forgetting. For not being present enough to hear Your voice. For running around networking, talking, laughing without having that spiritual alertness to others’ needs. Next time, Jesus, I pray I’ll be more mindful, more available. Amen.

I write this today feeling a little low about the whole thing, but also realizing God’s grace is sufficient even when we fail to serve. He loves me just as much right now in this realization than when I ran around with friends.

Did you know that about Jesus? He loves you profoundly right now. Whether you feel defeated or victorious, His love is the same. Let’s rest there together, shall we?

Because I believe in a Redeeming Savior, I’ll end this post with a prayer I should’ve prayed for someone at ACFW:

Lord Jesus, please be with my writer friend who so desperately wants to be heard. Ignite the passion. Instigate growth. Take those words upon the page and enliven them. May it be that we don’t trust in publishers or agents or strategic relationship. May it be that we trust in Your sovereign plan. Help us to rest more in Your grace than in our hopeful plans. Amen.