Recap of 2014

Dec 31, 2014Find joy today

2014 was a good year, workwise, but also frustrating and confusing. I did manage to finish three books, self-publish one (Not Marked), release some audio and ebooks, and speak a lot. As I settle in to rest these next two weeks, I’ll be taking inventory, praying, reading Scripture, and talking to wise people to discern what is next. I already know my word for next year will be TRUST. (Scary word).

I’m grateful for a new-to-me car, three kids who love me, a husband who thinks I’m pretty, and legs that run (well, er, jog). I’m grateful that in Texas there will always be sun. I’m so so so rich in friendships, I almost hesitate to say that out loud. Such supportive, praying, burden-bearing friends. They keep me sane.

We did a kitchen remodel this year that has been so fun for me. I’m someone who cooks every day, so it blesses me to walk into my kitchen and smile. Terrific counters, awesome white cabinets that you can’t slam. Drawers for things. New stove. Farmhouse sink. LOVELY!

Although I end this year feeling worn thin, I am grateful for anticipation. God is doing something interesting and cool, and I look forward to see what He will do in the future. I want to pray more in 2015, have more significant conversations with people. I want to be a part of people’s healing journey. I want to sing more. Dance more. Take myself less seriously.

So as I trust God for new things and push against lethargy and doing things the same old way, please pray that I’d learn the art of risk, of abandonment to plans, of learning true trust and dependence without all that stress that keeps me up at night and clenches my shoulder muscles.

What about you? How was your 2014? What do you want to see in 2015?