re: write. Not your Grandpappy’s Writing Conference

Oct 11, 2011Archive

I’m thankful to be a part of a new kind of writers conference. It’s called re:write and it’s completely different from any writing conference I’ve attended.


Because re:write is for any writer wishing to turn their words into a living. Self published. E published. Traditionally published. Blog published. We have speakers who have done all sorts of things, experimented with different paradigms. And we have folks who have learned the secret of tribal marketing, social media, and cultivating community around their books. Pioneer folks. Entrepreneurial writers. People who take risks.

re:write wants to help you rethink your platform, turn content into profit, and seize the future. The conference asks (and answers) the question, How can I make a living at writing?

Their goal from the site: “We want to draw new and experienced writers who will rediscover their voices and reinvent their approach and help them find resilience in a struggling marketplace.”

The speakers: Paul Young, Ken Blanchard, George Barna, Mark Batterson, Me, Esther Fedorkevich, Lysa TerKeurst, Jim Henderson, David Kinnaman, Sarah Mae, Pixel Peach, and Peter Strople.

Where: Beautiful San Diego, California at the Town and Country Resort and Conference Center

When: March 2-4, 2012

Cost: $595–$899

I’m really excited to be a part of this dynamic faculty, but more than that, I’m thrilled to go there to learn how to rethink how I can exist and thrive as a writer. It used to be that there was one path to publishing success: find an agent, have the agent shop your work, sign a contract with a publisher, then market your book and hope it sells. While that still is a viable and important option, we now have several other avenues to explore. We can create ebooks. We can hop over to Create Space and make print books. We can pay for a self publishing entity to publish our books. We can become a publisher. And, in any case, we can now use the web to market effectively to our tribe. This conference will help you explore all these options.

And here’s the fun part: You can get a discounted rate until December 31st. Get 10% off registration if you write MaryDeMuth in the “Enter Discount Code” box.

Like more information? Click on the re write website. Like the re write facebook page. Or follow the re write folks on Twitter.