Restory Show is COMING!

Jan 16, 2016Restory Show

I’m really excited about launching a brand new podcast. While my last podcast, Live Uncaged, was a delight to produce, re-story makes me nearly (!) jump up and down with joy. Why? Because I have the privilege of sharing OPS (Other People’s Stories). In my travels and experiences as a writer and speaker, I’ve run into some extraordinary people. And now I get to share their stories with you.

These are not celebrities. Most of the folks you don’t even know. But they love Jesus, and they have encountered Him in tangible ways in very dark times. These are the kinds of people who struggle, but stay faithful. Their faith is not platitude and cliche, but hardwon honest pursuit.

As a listener to podcasts, I grew tired of the self-promotion of some. I wearied over hearing the same famous guests over and over again with the same message, just repackaged on other podcasts. So, true to my weird way of doing things, I decided to try something a little different.

I’m so thrilled to share these friends (new and old) with you in the coming weeks and months. If you’re touched by these stories, feel free to share the podcast with others and leave a review.

And now get ready for restory!!!