Rachael McClelland’s Thin Place: Refuge

Aug 30, 2010Archive

God created us to create. Some use paint. Some use words. Some use both – like today’s guest writer, Rachael McClelland. If God created you to write and you have a Thin Place Story to share, you can submit it here.


I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings. Psalms 61:4

I read Mary’s memoir, Thin Places, this summer and was so touched at the end as Mary describes herself as a “wingless bird” singing in the treetop, high above the earth.

The metaphor Mary so beautifully painted with words, reminded me of my first oil painting I completed last year called, “Refuge.”  She described masterfully what I was trying to paint.

Life is so full of burdens, problems, strife, & pain it sometimes feels like I am literally tangled up and trapped in the miry clay.

At times when the pressure builds to the point of overload, I’ve found myself in a crumpled heap on the floor feeling defeated, useless, and ashamed. Me, longing for solace and help from the Lord, yet sure He was disgusted at me for having such poor coping skills and being so pitifully weak.

In my mind I would be berating myself for my fears and failures… until I finally realized that Satan was trying to render me useless. The Holy Spirit began to show me that it’s not a bad place to be when we find ourselves so weak and needy… for that is when we realize that we are nothing without Him. Oh how we need Him! Instead of feeling guilty and ashamed for our weakness, we must realize that is when we can best be fully filled… when we are completely emptied of ourselves!

Many times I’ve longed to be like a bird, finding solace and sanctuary high above the treetops…just for a while. The Holy Spirit has taught me that we can find rest in Him and it’s ok to need that rest and peace. He wants to give it to us. When we go to Him, fully surrendered, He scoops us up and ministers to us and fills us with His strength and power. Then we can come down from His strong tower of refuge ready to be who we created us to be, fulfilling all of our destinies, and meeting the needs of those that depend on us. He fills us to overflowing giving us all we need & more! And that overflow enables us to share what He has given us to others!
If heights aren’t for you… try crawling into the crevice of a Rock… my second favorite place to hide!

“My Shelter”

I was hiding in the crevice of the Rock,

I was sheltered by Your Wings.

I rested and laid my burdens there…

right at Your feet.

You held me in the Palm of Your hand.

I’m stronger now

Healed, soothed, and protected.

I’m ready now

Ready to go & stand…

Ready to walk where You lead me.

Use me now, for I am full.