Pure Charity is So So Cool!

Nov 1, 2012Kingdom Uncaged

I had the privilege of hanging out with two Pure Charity folks when I went to Haiti. When I first heard about the charitable giving social site, I was intrigued. And now the more I know about it, I’m super thrilled and excited! This could revolutionize the way we think about our money.

It’s a winsome way to capitalize on capitalism, by leveraging what we already do & spend to bring more giving funds to those in need.

Before I launch into a long discourse about it, just watch this video. It pretty much says it all.

Change the world with Pure Charity! from Pure Charity on Vimeo.

If you’d like to change the world with your giving, here’s how to start:

  1. Sign up for a Pure Charity account. If you’re on Facebook, you can sign in through that, or create an account the old fashioned way.
  2. Install the browser plugin. This will make it so a Pure Charity icon will pop up when you’re browsing particular stores online (like Target, Gap, even Groupon). If you purchase via the pop up, a percentage of your sales will feed into your charitable giving account. (You spend $, then make $, then give $).
  3. Register your main credit card with Pure Charity. This is the no brainer part of the process. Every time you use your credit or debit card at one of their participating merchants, you receive a percentage of your purchase into your giving account.
  4. Now, browse the projects (there are many) that you could potentially fund. To start funding, add your own funds to the account (via bank or debit/credit card).
  5. Support your favorite project. (You can change the amount you support…it starts with $5 increments…by clicking the dollar amount and changing it.) These are time specific projects with a set amount of $. If that project doesn’t fund by the finish date, Pure Charity refunds the money back into your giving account.
  6. Share it with friends! There’s a strong social connection to this, where you can share buttons and widgets with your friends and followers, to generate interest in a cause you’re passionate about.

That’s it! Pure Charity will be participating in Generous Tuesday (the Tuesday after Black Friday)–a time for you to rebel against crazy consumerism and make the world a better place through generosity.

I’ll be sharing more about Pure Charity in the days to come, particularly when I share our big, fat, surprise project we birthed in Haiti. Stay tuned.