Proverbs 19:1-14

july 19

Today’s Scripture:

It is better to be poor and to live without blame
    than to be foolish and to twist words around.

Getting excited about something without knowledge isn’t good.
    It’s even worse to be in a hurry and miss the way.

A person’s own foolish acts destroy their life.
    But their heart is angry with the Lord.

Wealth brings many friends.
    But even the closest friend of a poor person abandons them.

A dishonest witness will be punished.
    And whoever pours out lies will not go free.

Many try to win the favor of rulers.
    And everyone is the friend of a person who gives gifts.

Poor people are avoided by their whole family.
    Their friends avoid them even more.
The poor person runs after his friends to beg for help.
    But they can’t be found.

Anyone who gets wisdom loves life.
    Anyone who values understanding will soon succeed.

A dishonest witness will be punished.
    And those who pour out lies will die.

10 It isn’t proper for a foolish person to live in great comfort.
    And it is much worse when a slave rules over princes!

11 A person’s wisdom makes them patient.
    They will be honored if they forgive someone who sins against them.

12 A king’s anger is like a lion’s roar.
    But his favor is like dew on the grass.

13 A foolish child is a father’s ruin.
    A nagging wife is like dripping that never stops.

14 You will receive houses and wealth from your parents.
    But a wise wife is given by the Lord.

Prayer Transcript:

Lord, for those who are in marriages today, I pray that You will bless those marriages with understanding, good communication, with forgiveness, with grace. For those who are not in marriages, but want to be, I pray that you would send a godly spouse, one who would walk alongside, one who would listen well, one who would follow You to the ends of their days and Lord, that’s what we pray, we pray that our loved ones would know You and for our spouses, we pray the same, whether we have a spouse or we are praying for a spouse. For those who are single and battling loneliness, I pray that You would be their husband or their wife. You would be the one who meets them where they have need and You would be their Provider. Lord, I just thank You that You are the Provider of all of us and I know that one of the things that I remember when we were in France was that we were so keenly aware of You being our Provider because  we were on support and then I was convicted later, when I came back to the States, where I kept feeling that I was my Provider, my husband was my Provider and together we were our own Providers, we had lost that beautiful thought that You actually are the one who provides.  So would You provide beautifully for my friend today? Lord, if they need a check in the mail, I pray that it will come, I pray that Your Spirit will give them peace as they worry about money, because this is where the river of our lives meets the road of reality. So, there are things that we worried about and so we choose to cast our anxiety upon You because You care for us, You clothe the flowers of the field and you feed the birds of the air and You are concerned and You take care of Your children and so we rest in that today and we trust You for that.  I am just so stunned Lord, at how many times honesty is written about in Proverbs and not telling lies and telling just the importance of telling the truths, so today I pray You keep a guard over our mouth, that if a lie is about ready to leak out, that we would recognize it and stop it. We want to be honest Lord, we want to be authentic, we want to look have integrity, we want the outside of us to match the inside of us and we know that that is the work of the Holy Spirit, so we welcome it today. Clean out what is wrong, show us where we are presenting a false self to the world, where we are being prouder, where we are not being authentic with people because we want to present a specific facade, forgive us for that and help us to be truly ourselves. Lord, we will never know love until we are actually ourselves and not when we are faking it, then we have this insecurity that people only love the fake persona and not who we really are. Lord, thank You that we can lay it there before You and You love us as we are, no matter where we are, what we have done, You still love us because we are Your children Thank You for that. It says’ “The King’s anger is like a lion’s roar, but his favor is like dew on the grass”. So we ask for Your favor today. You are our King, we are your servants, we surrender to You, we bow to You, we worship You today,  You are worthy of our worship because You are good, so big, so strong and You are so powerful. We love You and we praise You in Jesus name Amen.

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