Proverbs 13:1-25

July 9

Today’s Scripture:

A wise son pays attention to what his father teaches him.
    But anyone who makes fun of others doesn’t listen to warnings.

The good things people say benefit them.
    But liars love to hurt others.

Those who guard what they say guard their lives.
    But those who speak without thinking will be destroyed.

People who refuse to work want things and get nothing.
    But the desires of people who work hard are completely satisfied.

Those who do right hate what is false.
    But those who do wrong stink and bring shame on themselves.

Doing right guards those who are honest.
    But evil destroys those who are sinful.

Some people pretend to be rich but have nothing.
    Others pretend to be poor but have great wealth.

A person’s riches might save their life.
    But a poor person is not able to do anything about danger.

The lights of godly people shine brightly.
    But the lamps of sinners are blown out.

10 Where there is arguing, there is pride.
    But those who take advice are wise.

11 Money gained in the wrong way disappears.
    But money gathered little by little grows.

12 Hope that is put off makes one sick at heart.
    But a desire that is met is like a tree of life.

13 Anyone who hates what they are taught will pay for it later.
    But a person who respects a command will be rewarded.

14 The teaching of wise people is like a fountain that gives life.
    It turns those who listen to it away from the jaws of death.

15 Good judgment wins favor.
    But the way of liars leads to their ruin.

16 Wise people act with knowledge.
    But foolish people show how foolish they are.

17 An evil messenger gets into trouble.
    But a trusted messenger brings healing.

18 Those who turn away from their training become poor and ashamed.
    But those who accept warnings are honored.

19 A desire that is met is like something that tastes sweet.
    But foolish people hate to turn away from evil.

20 Walk with wise people and become wise.
    A companion of foolish people suffers harm.

21 Hard times chase those who are sinful.
    But those who do right are rewarded with good things.

22 A good person leaves what they own to their children and grandchildren.
    But a sinner’s wealth is stored up for those who do right.

23 An unplowed field produces food for poor people.
    But those who treat them badly destroy it all.

24 Those who don’t correct their children hate them.
    But those who love them are careful to correct them.

25 Those who do right eat until they are full.
    But the stomachs of those who do wrong go hungry.

Prayer Transcript:

Lord, thank you that we have the opportunity to read an entire chapter of Your word today and how fun that is and just the width and the breadth and the knowledge that comes from that is not lost on me. Thank You Lord. There is so much I can pray for here, but what stands out to me today is work. I pray for those that are in frustrating work situations, I pray that You will help them and empower them to work hard, as if they are working for You. Knowing that from You, they will receive the reward of the inheritance, help them to work for Your good pleasure, help them to work for Your smile and Your approval. Lord, for those who have difficult bosses, I pray that You will help them to navigate that minefield, because that could be a big minefield. I pray for provision for those listening today, who are struggling to make ends meet. I pray Jehovah Jireh, that You would provide for my friends today, food, shelter, clothing, love, companionship, would You bring that? Lord, it says in verse 12 “Hope that is put off, makes one heartsick, but a desire that is met is like a tree of life”. Lord, there are some listening today, whose hearts are sick because they have this deferred hope of not seeing something come to fruition, perhaps they have been praying a long, long time for someone and they haven’t come back to the Lord, perhaps they are in a very dark situation that doesn’t seem to turn around. Lord, I pray today, this week, this month would be the time that this desire is met by You and that they would find the tree of life in that. That they would find that You are the completer of their difficult story. Lord, we want to just love You today, we want to praise You, we want to place all our desires at Your feet, Your word says in verse 19, “that a desire that is met is like something that tastes sweet, but foolish people hate to turn away from evil” Lord, we want to desire what You desire for our lives. We want to desire You above all, we want no other idols. We do not want to think that money or health or fame can fill us, that beauty can fill us, none of that can fill us except for You. So we make You today our number one desire, our number one need, the one we love, the Lord of our lives. We give You control, we give You the reigns of  our lives and we ask that You would do the steering today. We surrender, we get on our knees and surrender. We know that You are sovereign and You hold the Universe in Your hands and therefore You are worthy of our praise and You are worthy of our surrender. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen 

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