Proverbs 11:1-15

July 5

Today’s Scripture:

The Lord hates it when people use scales to cheat others.
    But he is delighted when people use honest weights.

When pride comes, shame follows.
    But wisdom comes to those who are not proud.

Those who do what is right are guided by their honest lives.
    But those who aren’t faithful are destroyed by their lies.

Wealth isn’t worth anything when God judges you.
    But doing what is right saves you from death.

The ways of honest people are made straight because they do what is right.
    But those who do what is wrong are brought down by their own sins.

Godly people are saved by doing what is right.
    But those who aren’t faithful are trapped by evil longings.

Hopes placed in human beings will die with them.
    Everything their power promised comes to nothing.

Those who do right are saved from trouble.
    But trouble comes on those who do wrong.

With their words ungodly people destroy their neighbors.
    But those who do what is right escape because of their knowledge.

10 When those who do right succeed, their city is glad.
    When those who do wrong die, people shout for joy.

11 The blessing of honest people builds up a city.
    But the words of sinners destroy it.

12 Whoever makes fun of their neighbor has no sense.
    But the one who has understanding controls their tongue.

13 Those who talk about others will tell secrets.
    But those who can be trusted keep the secrets of others.

14 Without guidance a nation falls.
    But many good advisers can bring victory to a nation.

15 Whoever promises to pay for what someone else owes will certainly suffer.
    But a person who doesn’t agree to pay someone else’s bill is safe.

Prayer Transcript:

Lord Jesus, we thank you for another day, in the middle of summer in the US and winter in other parts of the world. We love you, we rely upon You, we place our hope in You. I pray for those who are struggling today, to find light. The darkness seems to have overcome them and I pray for true, true light to break through. Lord, in the midst of that, we want to be honest people who build up the city that we live in, we want to be good citizens of the town we live in, we want to be good citizens of the County we live in, of the State and the country and the world that we live in. Teach us what that means, help us to do right and honor You in the way  that we live our lives on this earth. Lord, I am thankful for verse 13 “Those who talk about others, will tell secrets, but those who can be trusted, keep the secrets of others” Lord, help us to be trustworthy with our words today, help us to keep quite what needs to be so and help us to speak the truth out loud when it is necessary. Lord,  I know that this does not mean the kind of secrets that destroy us like family secrets that keep us quiet about the things that should be said. These are secrets of intimacy between two people where they say they have something really important to tell us and we need to keep it confident Lord, help us to be such good friends that we are able to do that. Lord, of course, we know that, that secret is going to be something that is going to harm them or others, then we do need to take action, but other than that, Lord, help us to be the kinds of friends that keep secrets for others. Lord, help us to be honest. Lord, I’m grateful for the simplicity of verse 2 “When pride comes, shame follows, but wisdom comes to those who are not proud and Lord, it’s interesting to me, because, often times when I think of having pride, I almost think of shamelessness, You know that people, (I include myself in this one), when I  have been prideful, seems like I don’t have any shame, but actually, it says, after that pride, comes shame and I have had that experience, in that, when looking back, Ill say, “Gosh, I am really  ashamed of that time in my life when I treated that person that way or when I tried to boast about this. So Lord, this is a really true verse, we want Your wisdom and we don’t want to be proud. We know that pride comes before a fall and now we understand and that pride comes before shame and we understand that humility brings honor and that humility also brings wisdom. Lord, help us to walk in humility today, to consider other as more important than ourselves. To put You on the throne of our lives, instead of us usurping that place. We surrender again to You today, we ask that today will be a day, we could worship You with everything in our being. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.  

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