Dec 28, 2007Archive

Every year, I ask the Lord to help me concentrate on what He wants me to do or be for the year. Last year He gave me three B words: Bless, Beloved, and Beseech. This year it’s:

  • Prayer
  • Patrick
  • Putting others first

Prayer continues to be something I’m developing and learning to exercise more and more. This year I’d like to step up my prayers for friends and family in tangible, meaningful ways. I know Jesus will show me what to do. To be honest, I’m really excited to see what He will ask of me. Prayer will also be important as our family seriously considers going to Ghana on a short term mission trip this summer. We’d like to go to the village where the well Aidan has helped pay for has been dug. The church there has invited him to be a part of the dedication. All this will take a lot of faith and prayer to get us there.

Patrick, in case you don’t know, is my husband. I love him dearly. Tomorrow marks 17 years of marriage. I believe Jesus is asking me to make my relationship with Patrick a priority. I also look forward to seeing how God will unfold our relationship this year.

Putting others first is His call to servanthood. Sitting behind a desk all day is great fun when it involves writing, but it’s not necessarily great for the growth of my soul. Counting others as more important than me does my soul good, and I look forward to finding more ways to consider the needs of others.

How about you? What is God whispering over your life today? This year? Are you living in hushed anticipation of His voice? I hope so.