Prayer for Writers

Apr 6, 2012Mind if I pray for you?, Write!

I had the privilege of attending the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference this last week. What a blast! I got to meet with so many amazing people. One of the privileges I had was praying the prayer at the annual Palm Sunday service. I wrote out my prayer, wanting to make sure everything on my heart would be said. Below is the prayer. I pray it blesses you on your journey.

Jesus, You made everything from nothing. What a surprising Creator You are. All our creativity has its origin in You.

We acknowledge this right now–that every gift of inspiration originates from You.

So forgive us for hoarding it, displaying it for our glory, dismissing it, wasting it.

Everything we do, Jesus, we do now because we love You and want our lives to count for Your kingdom. We’re so weary of trying to manufacture a life in our own strength. Left to our own devices, Lord, we fail, grow prideful, and forget the Kingdom.

You, who are the Word, are who we worship with our words. You are the Storyteller of our lives, but we have settled for a lesser story of stuff, recognition, and power. Forgive us.

We give You permission to write our stories however You see fit. We hand the pen back to You. We no longer want to prescribe to You or dictate to You what we want our publishing stories to be. We choose now to surrender our story wholly, fully to You.

Jesus, we love You. We need You. We adore You. We worship You.

Any fame that comes our way is our trifle offering, and it becomes our platform to make You famous and proclaim Your radical story of redemption to a dying, storyless people.

Take the pen, Lord Jesus. And write. Amen.