Pray Every Day Podcast

Ever have days where you try to pray, but the words get tangled in your throat?

Me too.

So I came up with an idea a few years ago that might help. An idea that’s already helped thousands and thousands of people around the world just like you. Just like me.

It’s called, Pray Every Day.

With Pray Every Day, I give you the words and scriptures to pray based on my studies from Genesis to Revelation, as well as my personal joys and sorrows.  It’s easy to get started. Go here to subscribe in itunes or here for Spotify. Every day you’ll get a short audio prayer from me that you can pray along with, or simply listen to.

Why Pray Every Day?

Because as my prayers grew from, “Oh, Jesus, if you really love me you’ll bring me a boyfriend!” in my teen years, to praying for deep healing from childhood sexual abuse and feeling utterly alone during my college years, I’ve seen what prayer can do. For myself, and for others.

He does see you.

He does care for your cares. 

The daily (yes daily!) podcast is short (five minutes) so you can easily infuse your days with hope and the truth that you are not alone. You press play, close your eyes (maybe) soak in the truth of Jesus, and walk away with more hope, more joy, more freedom.

Begin today. Just five minutes. Scripture. Be prayed for. Find the words that lead to life.

Will you join me?


You can also get a free app that helps you navigate each daily prayer. AND: you get a free written devotional for every day of the year. Find it on Apple here. Get it on Google Play here.

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Luke 18:1-21


Today’s Scripture:

Mary is reading Luke 18:1-21 in the WEB.

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