But how do I pray for my adult kids?

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When your children leave the nest, you quickly realize this truth: control is an illusion.

As they venture from your grasp, the world beckons them toward adulthood, vocation decisions, and a brand new life. Gone are the days when you could coach our kids toward healthy decisions, unless they call or text, asking for advice. Letting go of your role can feel helpless.

But there is something you can do. 

That’s the premise of my book, Love, Pray, Listen: Parenting Your Wayward Adult Kids with Joy. Today I want to talk about the middle part of the title: prayer.

You can pray.

No matter what choices your kids make, you can pray. No one can stop you from praying. But sometimes the grief over their choices fogs your mind, and your prayers sound more like ARGH than intelligent, focused prayer. Thankfully, God hears your ARGHs. He is always listening to the cries of your heart. he is faithful. He loves your children far more than you do, and he loves to pursue them as well.

Maybe you feel your prayers are going nowhere, or that you can’t find the words to pray. Maybe your adult kids are walking through muck and mire, and you’re heartbroken by the state of their lives. Or maybe they’re doing well, but they’re battling stress and pressure normative to the adult life. In any case, you can pray.

I’ve created something to help you do just this. 52 weekly prayer cards with blank spaces so you can pray for your adult kids. (This also works for teens, too). These are 4 x 6 cards, full color, and they feature my artwork. You can find them on my Etsy store here.


Here’s an example of what a prayer looks like.



Cost is $30. It’s my sincere prayer that these prayers empower your intercessory prayer life toward your adult kids. I pray each prayer brings comfort and peace. And I know that, as you pray for your kids, you’ll begin to see just how much God holds them close.

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