Post 1567: From Failure to Today

Feb 17, 2010Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged

It’s hard to believe I’ve posted 1566 times since relevantblog launched in October of 2004 from France. Here’s my first post. Some of you have asked about France, wondering why I don’t write much about our time there. I did chronicle our adventures here in this space, but I didn’t share everything. Why? It was just too much at the time. And if you want the truth today: it is still too much. I’ll need to walk through some long journeys of healing before I’m ready to spill that story on the page.

But I’m grateful, so grateful for France.


Because it broke me, or better said, God broke me there. Stripped me of ability, affinity, relationship, communication, community. Every area of my life faced challenge. Every part of me had to either hide under my covers or run to Jesus. Often I preferred a down comforter to The Comforter. But I learned through many failures.

I failed in relationships.

I failed in talking with folks well.

I failed in judgment.

I failed at parenting.

I failed in endurance.

And yet, by God’s uncanny grace, I’m here, able to type Post 1567, refueled by Christ’s regenerating love. It’s a beauty that can only come from the Author of Everything, the One who causes the great reversal.

Beauty from ashes.

Hope from despair.

Life from death.

Gumption from giving up.

A new heart from a broken one.

Humility from the little daily deaths of pride.

Jesus is that to me. The One who can travel to the Land of Misfit Toys, dust me off, and present me for new service. I’m grateful. So grateful.