Possible Parenting Titles

Jan 13, 2007Uncategorized

Though I ruminate about all things deep (ha!), I occasionally put on my funny cap and toy around with language. The pub committee and I are working on a title for my upcoming parenting book, and, just for fun, I added these “titles” to my email:

Your Best Kids Now (God guarantees perfect children if you just obey Him
and send money to the author)

Dude, Where’s my Parent? (aimed at surfing parents everywhere)

Uber Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Being Really Cool and not Dorky
(for trendy parents)

Left in a Bind: What to do if your child’s raptured, but you’re not (also
titled, OOPS.)

Perfect Parenting for Perfect Pew-Sitting Progeny (for pastors and missionaries everywhere who long for their children to be automaton robots who always obey, smile, and say the four spiritual laws on cue)

Thirty Minutes in Purgatory: How to Use the Threat of mild Eternal Punishment to Motivate Your Unruly Children (for exasperated parents at the end of their ropes)

The Power of a Nagging Parent (for those parents interested in tapping into the power of nagging.)

The Parent-Driven Home (for carpooling parents)

Return of the Red Eye: Parenting in the baby years (for exhausted, sleepless parents)

Parents of the Caribbean: A Savvy Guide to Parents taking a well-earned vacation from their kids. (self explanatory!)