Have you been Pooped on?

Feb 6, 2015Find joy today

So I wrote a little ebook. 40 pages to be exact. About poop.

But before you look away in disgust, please hear me out.

When I wrote The Wall Around Your Heart, the title I kept calling it was What to Do After People Poop on You. The publishers weren’t too keen on that title (for obvious reasons), but I knew the metaphor made sense.

When we’re hurt, we feel like we’ve been pooped on. And we’re left with the relational mess to clean up afterwards. I’ve been speaking about this over a year now, and as I’ve shared with audiences (and prayed with many), I learned new ways to deal with the pain we have in our lives.

So I wrote this little 40-page ebook for you.

Yep, it’s exclusively for people on my email list (so if you’re not on it, all you do is sign up). You won’t find it anywhere else. It’s my hope that you’ll take some time in the next few days going through the seven steps outlined in the book, and that you’ll find a freedom you’ve been missing out on. Don’t let the silly title fool you. These are important truths outlined in a memorable way.

In fact, you could teach these steps to others (and I invite you to do so). To your kids who battle mean kids at school. To your aunt who can’t seem to recover after a friendship breakup. To your spouse who interacts with a bully at work. But more than that, I want you to teach this to yourself.

Why? Because I believe God wants to set you free from those landmines of relational pain. He wants to radically heal you so you can interact with this amazing world, no longer shrinking back in fear or hiding in bitterness. Isn’t that what being uncaged means?

Mind if I pray for you?

Jesus, would you set my friend free today from relational pain? Use this book to change the way they see the world, with eyes full of grace and anticipation instead of heartache and cynicism. Give them the holy gumption they need to work through their pain in a healthy, You-honoring way. I trust You to do amazing work. Amen.


  1. Kari

    I would love a copy, but the page doesn’t exist.
    How do I get one?
    Thank you.