Please pray for me. Thank you!

Feb 3, 2012Mind if I pray for you?

As you read this, I’m in Pennsylvania preparing for a parenting conference (How’s that for alliteration?). Friday night, I’ll teach about writing the truth for the church’s local writer group. Then Saturday I speak about this crazy culture and how to prepare our kids for it. My keynote will be about conversational parenting. I’d really, really appreciate your prayers for this. Pray that:

  1. God’s message to parents would be clear and communicated well.
  2. My heart would be receptive to the Holy Spirit.
  3. That the parents would be open to hearing from the Holy Spirit.
  4. That God would be glorified.

Thank you so much.

And if you have an extra moment to pray, I would really appreciate a few more:

  1. For specific guidance and encouragement from the Lord to me about my writing career/ministry.
  2. For provision.
  3. That I’d be an in-the-moment parent, very available to my kids.
  4. For true, deep rest, and perspective.

Thank you.