Please pray for Iraqi Christians. Please.

Nov 10, 2010Kingdom Uncaged

I’d attach a picture of my new Iraqi friend here, but I don’t want to jeopardize his safety. I met him at Cape Town a few weeks ago, and his gentle, sweet spirit changed me. Truly. He is passionate about Jesus. He loves seeing reconciliation in action. When the Messianic Jewish believer stood next to the Palestinian Christian, he could not contain himself, saying Alleluia over and over and over again. He was the first to extend his hand to me and say, “Peace be unto you,” around our table at Cape Town. He sang “Magda Leek” an Arabic worship song with verve and joy. He prayed in Arabic, and often he cried. I love him like a daughter would love a father.

He has a wife and a beautiful daughter. And, daily, he risks his life in sharing Jesus in a very public way in Iraq. Today my husband sent me this BBC article about the systematic killings of Christians in that country right now. I knew it had been so, but not to this scary degree. The last thing my friend said to me was this: “Please tell the American believers about us in Iraq. Ask them to pray.” So I’m fulfilling my promise right now.

So would you pause a moment today and pray for my friend? And all those who follow Jesus in Iraq? We have great, great power in prayer, and I know God loves these Iraqi believers deeply. Pray for protection, boldness, and discernment. Feel free to pray in the comments section too.