Please pray for a successful well

Apr 8, 2008Archive

After a quick trip to NYC (which was marvelous), I came home to this disheartening email about the well Aidan helped fund. As you may know, they tried once and it failed. They were sure they’d hit water this time. Read below:

I feel very bad as I give you this report of no success of the Sankpem drilling. The drilling started on Friday the 4th of April and continue the following day 5th of April. I could not go there myself but only corresponded with them on phone to follow the progress. At the end of the day on Saturday 5th April, there was no water found. As I speak to you right now I have not gone to WaterSites to meet with them on the way forward, but they have since packed back home for the next action be taken.

Please be in prayer for the wel in Sankpem. Despite success or failure, Aidan and I will fly to Ghana in June to meet the people who need water. Perhaps God will bless them with an amazing well.