Michael Hyatt’s Platform: A Foundation to Grow Your Business

May 23, 2012Work Uncaged

Before I extol the practicality of Platform, let me give you an important link. If you buy the book this week, click here first. He’ll be offering $375.98 worth of free bonus content to everyone who buys the book then and e-mails him the receipt. That link shows you how.

When Michael Hyatt asked if I’d be willing to read his latest book Platform: A Step-by-Step Guide for Anyone with Something to Say or Sell for endorsement, I felt humbled. But as I read the book, I reveled in its practical information. 

My endorsement: “Michael Hyatt’s Platform is exactly what every entrepreneur and forward-thinker needs to build an effective, winsome platform–the kind that woos tribe members and inspires action. Hyatt demystifies social media through friendly step-by-step instructions, interesting stories, and hard facts. Not only does he inspire you to look at platform differently, he emulates what he writes.”

Later, I found out I’d be a part of his launch team for the book, which has been a terrific learning experience. With my book Everything slated to release in October, I’m taking notes, watching how this process works, and gleaning much.

When I teach at writers conferences, the word “platform” reverberates off the walls, and would-be authors tremble under the weight of it. But having a platform is essential in any business (not just writers). It’s for anyone who has a product or business that needs to be noticed. What I love about this book is how practical and simple it is.
Platform addresses these common questions:
1. What is a platform?
2. Why do I need one?
3. How do I build one?
4. How can I not be obnoxious in the process?
5. How can I find joy in the platform journey?
You’ll come away with such practical advice that you’ll leave with an action-oriented to-do list at the end. This book takes the genius of Seth Godin’s Tribes and gives feet to it.

Q4u: What difficulties have you encountered in building your platform?