Plastic Jesuses

Jan 30, 2007Archive

Fishermen debuts its line at ADVANCE.

Fishermen Inc. of Los Angeles launches its “I Am” line at CBA ADVANCE. collectible figurines depicting Jesus in nine different modern-day likenesses. I Am Freedom shows a jean-clad Jesus aboard a chopper, complete with long-raked handlebars. I Am Victory has Jesus mid-strike in a soccer uniform. I Am Peace shows Jesus in camouflage military fatigues, holding a dove in His outstretched hand. I Am Hope portrays Jesus in shabby clothing, holding a sign, “Will Work 4 Food.” The hard-plastic figurines are individually hand painted and mounted on a plastic base. Two sizes available ($25 or $35). To see these and more, visit booth 225.

Excerpted from CBA Aspiring Retail.