#Pic4Year 2014

Jan 1, 2014Work Uncaged


Being a visual person, I need a yearly reminder that’s more than a word–something that SHOWS me what I should be doing. As I’ve prayed for 2014, the word that keeps coming to me is FOCUS. (Click to tweet.) Oh dear, how I need focus in my life.

I’m an artsy fartsy type, with ideas ping-ponging in my brain at a scary decibel. And every idea seems to carry the same weight, which makes for a frenetic and burned out Mary. In order to give YOU what you need, I need to focus on a few small things. I need to concentrate on providing high value to you.

No more ping-pong brained Mary! I am focusing on communication this year, and there will be some exciting announcements in the coming weeks to that end. I’m letting go of the good and “kinda ok” for the sake of focusing on the great things I can do to bring better clarity and healing for you.

I’m asking the Spirit to guide me every single day, so I don’t run around reacting to life, but obeying the still, small voice of God. Unfortunately, my life has been more Reactionary Mary than Intentional Follower Mary. So the word FOCUS helps. (Click to tweet.)

Focus also helps in my need to stay alive and healthy this year, pursuing fitness and eating awesome, wholesome food.

The picture is one I took in Colorado on our family vacation. The day boasted warm temperatures and a long, long drive through the mountains to see incredible vistas. The kind that takes your breath clear away and makes you thank God for creation and beauty and thin air and treelines. My need for beauty met, we drove down the mountain. Julia, our youngest, wanted desperately to fish, so we pulled to the side of the road where a river meandered, and she and Patrick got to work threading worms and icky goo onto hooks.

Me? I snapped pictures. And, again, felt my beauty tank fill clear up. It’s an amazing thing to stop the world a moment and really concentrate on the beauty on that patch of earth. (Click to tweet). Initially I opted for gurgling water and rocks, but then I shifted to flowers. This thistle caught my eye, and I shot it several times. The color made me smile, and it still does.

So paring this focused picture on one spot of Colorado beauty with the word FOCUS made sense to me. I opted to have the picture mounted on canvas, and now it hangs in my office all year long to remind me that ping pong and reacting to life is not the intentional Mary I want to be.

So how about you? Why not make a #pic4year? Here’s a coupon if you’d like to create it on canvas.
Once you’ve created your picture, share it here! Feel free to link to your blog or site where it came from, but also share the picture in the comments. Here’s a snapshot of what the comments look like:

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