Photography for a Cause

Nov 23, 2009Family Uncaged

I’m so excited to be able to attend the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization next October 16–25 in Cape Town South Africa, as one of 400 American delegates. I’ll need to raise over $4000.00 to get there. So I decided to combine my love of photography with my need to raise support. Here’s how it works:

I spend an hour with you or your family (or your child) and take a bucket load of photos. I clean up the photos, enhance them, and then give you a disc to print them however you please. They will be high dpi Jpeg files. Then you can choose to donate money toward my trip in whatever way God leads you. But you’ll get senior pictures, prom pictures, family pictures for a fraction of what they’d cost you. A win-win all around. Below are some samples of my work.

Candid family shots

Children in candid moments.



Capturing moments with your kids.

Capturing your child’s personality.

Kids with pets.

Dance photos.


Group of friends.

Author photos.