Philippians 1:20


Mary is reading Philippians 1:20 from the NLT.

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  1. Myriam Tuttle February 20, 2018 #

    Free, unashamed, new…. all the truth labels that do apply to my daughters and I not what sin produced. Loved, shielded, protected, valuable, with meaning and purpose. Conquerors, servant warriors living for the glory of the One who loves us most. The opinion, concept, judgement of nobody else matters, God’s alone does and that is enough.

    Thank you Lord for Mary, the genuineness of her heart, for the pain that enabled her to feel what You and I had been through. Pierced for our transgressions and theirs, it is all finished, you do live, you matter, you will be faithful to carry us through until the end. Thank you, praise you, love you, Mary, K, L, and I

    • Mary DeMuth February 20, 2018 #

      Oh you are sweet. Thank you so much, Myriam. I needed your kind words today. And I also applaud your heart in revering the Lord.