People, Places and Paint

Jun 9, 2005Family Uncaged

Here’s a hodge-podge update of our lives the past week or so. Last Saturday, we spent an evening with the Yorkey family. Mike is a writer I met through a writer’s group. His family has a home in Switzerland and drove down to visit the area. We had a great dinner!

Many of you know our new church planting team members, Justus and Samantha Heyman and their two cute kids, have arrived. They’ve been a bit homeless the past few weeks, living with a local French family who have been a blessing. Yesterday, though, they moved into their home! They will live three doors down from us. They are still without their container–a good thing, actually–because we have a lot of work to do to get the home ready. So, yesterday, the team gathered all day for a painting party. We taped and primed the first two floors. Over the next few days, we’ll get to put up color. Samantha chose some great colors.

Emilie Long visited yesterday from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s a friend of a gal Patrick went to seminary with. Emilie is French and met Jesus at this church. She is passionate about France and seeing folks here meet Jesus. She came with gifts from the states–some peanut butter, cooking spray, chocolate chips, ranch dressing, but mostly she came with the gift of herself. She spent the day helping us tape and paint.

You can “meet” all these folks below, as well as see bits and pieces of the Heyman’s new home below.

So, I have paint in my hair. And I’ve been busy cranking out a novel. I set a word count per day goal, so I am procrastinating right now instead of getting out those words. The book will be released in 2007. It’s a sequel to Watching the Tree Limbs, which will come out with NavPress next March.

We’ll be pretty busy the next two weeks, getting the Heymans painted and then unpacked. Please be praying for us all as we work. It has truly been a blessing to have them here and a huge privilege to be able to help them move in.