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Thank you for helping promote Pray Every Day, a 365-day a year podcast where I pray for you. This podcast is based on my latest devotional, Jesus Every Day.

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Philippians 1:1

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Need prayer right now? My friend @MaryDeMuth will pray for you 365 days a year in this new podcast Pray Every Day. Listen here:

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Every day has its stress and mess. And there are times when life frustrates, and you can’t see your way toward joy. The truth? We all need prayer. Based on her book Jesus Every Day, my friend Mary DeMuth is both praying through Scripture (right now it’s the book of Philippians) and praying for you. Curious? You can listen to the first one here.

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My friend @MaryDeMuth has started a podcast based on her devotional Jesus Every Day where she prays for you every single day, all anchored to Scripture. (Right now it’s verse by verse through the book of Philippians). You can listen to your daily prayer at