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Rustic Wood Wedding Instagram Post

Confession: I suffer from empathy fatigue

Do you? Honestly answer these ten questions.​ Have you heard so many stories of pain that it’s difficult to hear one more?Do you feel like you’ve reached your emotional pain threshold?Have you experienced toxic systems (difficult boss, a confusing legal system, spiritual abuse in church, a broken family dynamic)?Have your efforts to change that toxic system […]

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Rustic Wood Wedding Instagram Post

Confession: I have writing regrets

As I was teaching my Writer Mastermind groups this week, I confessed something there that I realized I should confess here at I have career regrets. If I were to visit my younger writer self, I would’ve given myself a good talking to. Here are five things I would say: Just because someone tells […]

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Confession: I treat my yard like my childhood self

I do not do well with indoor house plants. You can ask my daughter Sophie about this because she gave me very precise instructions about how not to kill my fiddle leaf fig, and it has already sported brown spots of death. Last week I was working in my yard, and I realized that I […]

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