Outdoor Laundry Room and Other Ruminations

Jul 21, 2005Family Uncaged

I’m happy to report my laundry room is outside. In the hot summer, the last thing I want to do is dry my clothes in a dryer (that happens to be in my kitchen). Besides, I like the way the sun scents my clothing, even though my husband complains that his skivvies could walk on their own, they’re so stiff.

Today I hung laundry, clipping each clothing item to the line with Ikea clothespins. In less than an hour, I replaced that laundry with new, wet clothes, all the while thankful that we have clothing to wash. Eventually, I roped the kids into helping me. We folded our clothes, placing them in piles all around the back deck. It’s nice not to have them in the living room. Soon, our cell group will be here and I’ll have to remove the clothes (particularly Aidan’s boxers–it would embarrass him).

We have a horrible leak. Apparently, our tub has some sort of pipe leak that washes down the wall and seeps out through the front exterior wall. Mold is forming around our lower bathroom window and the cement wall that once looked fortress-like is weeping like a baby, drenches of tears emitting from a chair-pad sized area. I worry that the wall will crumble. Thankfully, we have insurance, but life is quite slow down here in Southern France. Not a lot of workers this time of year, so we wait, while our wall cries and my worries increase. At least for the time being, we can still shower! Otherwise, I’d have to ask you to step back. I don’t smell like flowers when I haven’t showered.

I spied on my kids today. (Don’t tell them.) Actually, I was examining said water leak below Aidan’s window. The three kids were building a Lego city in his room. “Sophie,” he said. “I have the best idea ever.”

I love his words, how unashamed he is to tell his sister the best idea ever. I wish I could be so self-assured, so happily aware of my own abilities and ideas, yet without any hint of boasting. Children have that innate ability to smile at themselves and not take life so seriously, to revel in their own good ideas.

The three kids spent the night in our three-person (barely) tent last night. I love that they still enjoy spending time together at 12, 9 and 7. Yesterday, I asked Sophie about her time at a waterpark where she met one of her close friends. I asked her what she talked about, half-expecting to hear the “boy” word come out. But it didn’t. “We talked a lot,” she said, “but mostly we played. It was so much fun.” I love that Sophie is still a little girl, that as she grows into a woman she still uses words like play. Thank You Jesus!

So that’s the skinny on the DeMuths in France–an outdoor laundry room, a weeping wall, and three terrific kids. I am blessed indeed.