Operation Blessings

Oct 23, 2007Archive

Yesterday was a blustery, cool day. I cocooned myself inside, a blanket wrapped around myself. Today I broke down and turned on the heat. (There’s just something weird to me about using air conditioning one day, heat the next. Texas weather is schizophrenic).

So, yesterday sank into me and sapped my joy. Today, though it’s sunny, brought much of the same. What to do? Count my blessings. And here they are:

  1. Great friends who love me well.
  2. Sweet children who rise up and bless me every single day. They’re affectionate and generous with their words. They’re quick to forgive.
  3. A husband who works hard and provides well.
  4. A warm home.
  5. An office where I can putter away on the computer. It’s so much nicer than my nook in France.
  6. Healing. God has walked me down many paths, some excruciating, some joyful—all with healing as the end result.
  7. Dark chocolate. Wow.
  8. Meaningful work.
  9. A body that works, though it creaks a little more now that I’m older.
  10. Food on the table (tonight we’re having calzones…the kids will be thrilled).
  11. An herb garden in the back yard.
  12. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Where would I be without him?
  13. A great church community.
  14. The ability to take photos.
  15. A hope of a better future . . . in heaven.
  16. Complete and total salvation.
  17. An extended family who loves us.
  18. My Dwight Shrute bobblehead.
  19. The stack of books on my TBR pile.
  20. An email from someone that encouraged me way down deep, the kind that salves fears.

Ah, I feel better now. What about you? What are you thankful for?