I couldn’t believe one note would mean so much.

Jan 20, 2014Find joy today, Write!


I wrote it last fall as the leaves tinged yellow and red. A hunch of a word from Jesus. I made an observation about a family, how well their children seemed to marry well (in the longevity sense), stuck with their spouses in thick and thin. It was such a simple thought.

You were great parents to have such faithful children.

I could have dismissed the thought, could have relegated to the trash can in my mind, deleting it forever. But it niggled me. Stayed with me.

Why don’t you tell them?

I decided to do just that. But in a more permanent way. I decided simply saying the words would lack permanence. The couple might wonder if they ever heard those words, years later. But a written note? That would stay with them, if they wanted it to.

So I fished through my stack of blank-inside cards. And I wrote probably ten sentences of encouragement.

Words like, thank you for being great parents to these folks, and You did a great job, and I’m grateful. Simple words, really. Their impact and parenting changed the next generation of people who stuck with marriage vows. I signed my name, scribbled the address on the front of the envelope and plopped it in my mailbox.

And then I forgot about the words.

A week later I found out the words meant everything. Blessed this couple beyond measure. It humbled me.

But then I forgot about the card for another four months.

Last week I visited this couple by a fluke of luck.

In the corner of their hallway, sat a single round table with a lamp. Under the lamp perched one thing.

That card I sent.

Almost enshrined.

They both told me how much the card meant to them, how it helped them, how it deeply blessed.

And as I held back tears, I realized how many times I’d ignored those little hunches about writing a card.

Folks, we have NO IDEA how God can use our words (click to tweet). Even ten sentences on a card. I cannot tell you how very humbled I felt next to that little enshrined card. And so very grateful that I took time to write it.

Your task today is simply this:

  • Listen to God.
  • Ask Him who needs specific, concrete encouragement.
  • Write your ten sentences.
  • Send the note.
  • Change someone’s world.

Once you’ve finished, comment in the section below and let us know how you felt about the process. If you ever hear back, come back to this post with an update.

Write a note, change a life. I challenge you. (click to tweet)