Nov 19, 2015Not Marked

I’m nearly bursting with anticipation and joy over this news. Authenticity Book House has agreed to secure translation of Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse. They are hoping to translate the book into Spanish, Mandarin, and Marathi (India). There is a huge blessing attached to this effort. Not only do they pay a local translator, giving them much needed income, but they also foresee getting the book into the hands of sexually exploited people either free or at a nominal cost.

This all costs money, so they’re doing a crowdfunding campaign to bring in needed funds. This is not associated with me at all, meaning 100% of funds raised go directly to the translation projects.

As we contemplate the blaring needs of the sexually exploited around the world, this is a tangible way we can bring help and light and healing to many. In several of these cultures, it is taboo to even speak of abuse, and prosecution is rare. Victims feel violated, alone, and dirty, not realizing that they are worthy of healing, or that someone else understands.

Not Marked isn’t a perfect book (what book is?), but it has brought hope to many, opening the door to genuine healing. I wish I had space here to share with you the stories I’ve heard about its impact. One victim told me, “I read all the other books about sexual abuse that I could find, but none of them touched me like yours did. Since the rape, I could not cry, but after reading Not Marked, I began to cry and grieve.” Her healing journey, though difficult, has been astonishing to witness.

not-marked copy

As you know, I ventured forward with this book for the sake of the many readers who emailed me, sharing their stories. I knew there were books out there with clinical answers (and so much needed), but I knew I could bring my voice directly to the victim. I could understand the questions and bewilderment. I could share my own story. I could help people know they are not alone in their struggle.

It’s never been about making money on the book. I give it away a lot. If I could I would give it to the world, but the cost of producing and postage prohibits it. That’s why I’m so excited to partner with ABH. They can find great translators. They can distribute the book overseas in a way I can’t. They can extend the healing reach of this book far more than I am able.

So, if you have a little extra funding, and you have a heart to see people set free from the ravages of sexual exploitation, would you consider donating to this fundraiser? Just click the button below: