Get Not Marked at a Huge Discount

Jan 1, 2016Not Marked

I woke up this morning burdened for those carrying around the mark (and pain and heartache and lingering shame) of past sexual abuse.

Then I checked my warehouse numbers. I still have a bunch of these books just sitting there, not helping anyone.

So I figured, let’s move these books out into the world. Let’s give them freedom so others can find their freedom.

Here’s where you come in. Do you know someone who has been trapped by sexual abuse, who can’t seem to move on, who has difficulty finding joy in the aftermath of that kind of trauma?

Consider gifting Not Marked to that person. I’ll make it easy and affordable for you.


  • For one copy: notmarked2016. This gives you $10 off, making the physical book just $4.97
  • For multiple copies: notmarkedbulk. This gives you 67% off your bulk order of Not Marked, which averages to $4.97 per copy.

Hurry, this lasts just a short while in January. Feel free to share this blog with others! Click the button to buy Not Marked.


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